Azure IoT Edge module metrics in action

We are familiar with the Azure IoT Hub metrics which are offered. The Azure cloud tells us eg. how many messages are received or the number of devices that are connected.

If we look at Azure IoT Edge, you had to collect your own made metrics in the past.

Because IoT Edge modules are Docker containers and therefore sandboxed, you had to rely on the (third-party) logic to capture Host metrics. Regarding metrics about the edge agent and hub, these were not available.

Until now.

With the most recent IoT Edge runtimes, agent, and hub, we have access to Edge metrics.

Both the Agent and Hub module expose the metrics over HTTP endpoints:

Within the Moby runtime, port 9600 is exposed on both individual modules. Outside the runtime, we have to assign individual host ports to prevent using the same host port.

Let’s see how this looks like and how we can harvest metrics in a custom container.

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How to fix your StreamAnalytics metrics monitoring

Today it became clear to me that I was missing something…

Every time I created a new StreamAnalytics job, and data arrived, I was staring at this monitoring windows saying: “No available data”:



Today I finally decided to check this out. And I found out it’s a simple thing to fix. And it can be a real asset.

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