Dvlup.com is now part of MSDN network

Almost two¬†years ago, I joined http://www.dvlup.com. I was exploring and building Windows Phone apps and Nokia had this really exciting program. What’s better then building apps? Building apps and getting free stuff for them!

A few months ago, Microsoft has rebranded dvlup.com to MSDN Rewards. So join it for free.

The program is very easy: just finish some challenges and earn points. And with these point, go shopping in the rewards shop.

The challenges are very streight-forward; Earn XP and/or point by building apps with special features, do a quiz for a special subject, attend a (online) event or update a app.

Last month DVLUP introduced me into machine learning using Azure, programming the Microsoft Band and the Edge browser. And I have my app tested by others using http://www.wpbeta.me.

I really like dvlup.com as a gamification concept. As the slogan says: “Have fun. Earn rewards. Build new ideas” it connects you to new technology, new tooling and other part of MSDN you normally do not encounter.

The only drawback for me is that it is not possible anymore to earn hardware in The Netherlands. Pitty because with Windows 10 just around the corner and having earned enough points for a simple device, it would be nice to buy a nice tablet or phone in the Microsoft Store. But maybe this will change in the near future.

So if you are interested in Microsoft technology and earn some software tooling, hardware (in some area’s) or gift cards, just join dvlup.com.

See how I am doing at https://rewards.msdn.microsoft.com/svelde