Azure Stream Analytics job exposes IoT Hub values

Whenever I build a new IoT solution in Azure, I have to build this service chain. I have to connect a string of services like IoT Hub, Stream Analytics Job, Event Hub and Azure Function to have a quick insight in the telemetry coming in.

Today I found out a little feature which saves me a lot of time and now lesser data must be put in the telemetry.

I was under the assumption that a Stream Analytics job just handled plain (json) messages from their input. Now I am able to pinpoint the device the telemetry is coming from, for free, using a nifty feature of the IoT Hub!

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Share and integrate PowerBI reports in websites

I use PowerBi a lot for simple test and pocs. I get up to speed with ease regarding the reports and charts I want to show.

But what about sharing these reports with others, how can others get access to my charts? And can I integrate these charts in a regular site?

Let’s look at the current possibilities at report level and at dashboard level.

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