How to cope with IoT Hub enrichment restrictions

As seen in my previous post, The IoT Hub routing feature supports message enrichment, both for IoT devices and IoT edge modules.

Using the routing message enrichments, each incoming message gets extra user properties based on either static values, device twin tags, or device twin desired properties.

Unfortunately, only ten enrichments can be added:

If you want to pass more values, this will not work for you.

It would be great if nested JSON properties would count as one.

Again, unfortunately, only simple types (string, decimal, boolean, date/time, etc.) are supported so this excludes nested JSON (complex types).

Below, a viable solution to overcome both restrictions, using Azure Stream Analytics, is presented.

Let’s see how this works out.

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Dynamic routing of IoT Hub telemetry to Azure Data Explorer

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) is a great data exploration tool for IoT developers building a full IoT solution. This could be a perfect target for the cold path.

As seen in my previous blog post, ADX even offers a native connector for the IoT Hub. This is based on the ‘default EventHub compatible endpoint’ offered by this cloud IoT gateway (optionally the built-in Events endpoint in the routing section of the IoT Hub or using the fallback mechanism).

Most of the documentation regarding this ADX connector is following this ‘happy flow’ where one connector stores incoming IoT telemetry in one ADX table using static routing.

This is a serious limitation where most IoT Hubs ingest multiple types of messages. These will not fit into that single table.

Luckily, the connector also offers the possibility to allow routing to other databases:

Here, we will check out this dynamic routing option and see how this provides much more flexibility.

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IoT sessions during Build 2022

Yes, the Microsft Build 2022 is coming. It will be held on May 24-26. It’s online. It’s free.

So register now and start building your schedule:

There are 500+ sessions of different kinds: keynotes, on-demand sessions, round tables, and connection zone.

Let’s check out the IoT-related sessions.

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Free Microsoft AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty renewal

If you are working with Azure IoT on a daily bases, it’s recommended to get certified for it.

Microsoft offers this AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty exam and certification program just for that.

If you are new to this AZ-220 exam, please check out this blog post first with information about how to get started with the program.

This exam is valid for three years once you passed it.

I took it already a few years ago. Recently, I got this email saying my exam is expiring so I am granted an extra year once I pass a free exam on MS Learn:

Let’s check out how this works.

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