Cheap Arduino mesh using RF24 radio modules

Communication between devices is key when you want to combine one or more devices. In my previous blog, I used I2C, Bluetooth and RF24 modules. The latter ones, the RF24 have a few advantages: they are cheap and do not need pairing. In my previous blog, I used them for a peer-to-peer (or better: Master-Slave) communication. This time, we will look at a mesh network using these devices.

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Using NRF24L01+ modules between arduino’s

I picked up a couple of 2.4GHz Antenna Wireless Transceiver module from a webshop to use them between arduino’s. There are several types of the modules but I picked up the NRF24L01+ modules:


These modules are low power versions with a range off 60 meters maximum. I measured 20 meters running with the PA level High. This is the same distance I get with Bluetooth but there is no pairing involved! So a big pro is easier setup and a more stable long-time communication solution (I can reset the sensors any time) but I loose the possibility to use the Firmata protocol. I have to write my own protocol.

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