Working with the IoT Hub using Azure Command Line Interface (CLI 2.0)

In my previous blog, I introduced you to the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI). We ended with creating a resource group just to show how easy it is to create it using nothing more than the command line.

From there, large parts of Azure are available using the CLI, including the IoT Platform.

In this blog, we dive deeper into the world of CLI and we will see how easy it is to manage devices. The tag line is ‘Connect, monitor, and control millions of IoT assets’. Let’s start with just one…

So let’s proceed where we left at the previous blog, let’s create an IoT Hub inside the newly created resource group.

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Bulk import of IoTHub devices

This blog post is for the hardcore IoTHub users. It’s even a bit boring, at first.

The Azure IoTHub does not accept anonymous telemetry. Telemetry has to be presented by devices which are enabled. So you need to have a list of all your devices. You have to manage it.

In this post, we start diving into registering a single device and we will end updating multiple devices in bulk.

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