Creating an Azure Stream Analytics job using VS Code

Azure Stream Analytics is often the centerpiece of our IoT solutions.

It acts like a rule engine where data streams from multiple sources can be combined together, even enriched with static reference data.

Azure Stream Analytics does not come cheap if you only want to do some simple aggregations. For that, probably Azure Functions can help you out.

But, when it comes to more elaborate rules using multiple inputs, multiple outputs, time windowing, custom functions, and Machine learning integration, Azure Stream Analytics (and many more capabilities) should be your first choice:

Normally, I demonstrate Azure Stream Analytics using the Azure Portal.

There, it offers me a convenient browser experience where I can show how inputs, outputs, and user-defined functions are created. I can also copy/paste a (basic) query and demonstrate how it can be tested and run in a simple manner:

For people new to Azure Stream Analytics, this is a perfect starting point.

Still, this is for demonstration purposes only!

The Azure portal lacks (professional) abilities like source control/versioning, superior user-defined functions, and diagnostics.

If you plan to use Azure Stream Analytics in your projects, please consider starting using the VS Code project template.

In this blog, we will see how to start with the Visual Studio Code project for Stream Analytics.

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FutureTech 2022 announced, CFP now closed

Update: CFP is now closed. The event is rescheduled.

The Dutch FutureTech is a one-day event in The Netherlands. In 2022 it will take place on March 17 June 21, 2022 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

This event is the Microsoft Technologies and .Net conference for the Netherlands showing the latest innovations using Microsoft technology.

Expect the best national & international speakers delivering quality content about the hottest IT topics, of course with the overall theme: Microsoft technologies.

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Azure Time Series Insights introduction

Just this week, I was part of the Microsoft Tech Days: Flight into IoT event.

With a whole team of MVPs, we all explained different parts of Azure IoT using a simulation of an airplane flight from London to Budapest.

I myself talked about the pros and cons of Azure Time Series Insights:

Because I only had twenty minutes for explaining what TSI is and for demonstrating how it works, I had to skip some topics.

In this blog, I give an overview of what I demonstrated plus I add some extra goodies and in-depth information because there luckily is no time limit to this blog 🙂

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Connecting Advantech ICR to Azure IoT using NodeRed

In the past, I have written about that perfect NodeRed node for Azure IoT. Using this node, you can connect to eg. Azure IoT and Azure IoT Central from any NodeRed solution.

I came across the Advantech ICR devices which offer cellular (4G) router connectivity in a ruggedized format and you can add your own custom logic:

You can either put C or Python apps on them and you also can use NodeRed on the V3 and V4 platforms.

Let’s dive into this NodeRed support and have an ICR connected to Azure:

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