Public speaking

I love public speaking, my motto is: you are what you share!

So if you are in need of a speaker for the Azure IoT topic, please contact me. Let me add some value!

What can I offer? This is a grasp about what I can offer:

  • Presentation about Azure IoT Central
  • Presentation about Azure Stream Analytics
  • Presentation about Azure IoT Edge
  • Presentation about the business impact of IoT projects
  • Workshop about combining LoraWan and Azure IoT (using The Things Uno device and sensors)
  • Workshop about Azure IoT Edge (using industrial grade Modbus devices and laptop)
  • Workshop about IoT Central (using ESP device and sensors)

You can read all details of these and other presentations at Sessionize.

If your topic is not listed here, please contact me for a custom-made presentation or workshop.

You can contact me using twitter and/or linkedin