Using ADX table update policies projecting raw messages to target tables

I have blogged about Azure Data Explorer (ADX) integration already a couple of times.

The new ADX database data connection for IoT Hub is a nice addition but appears to be quite static because you can only fill in one (single) table mapping.

ADX also supports dynamic routing (using that same data connection) where the message body is accompanied by application/user properties which tell ADX the table and mapping to use during ingest.

The ultimate goal is to have a solution where one stream of data, with one or more types of messages, is split into multiple tables:

The combination of IoT Hub routing and multiple endpoints should help with that but due to message enrichment limitations, we need to find another way.

A viable solution is the ADX table update policy.

Let’s check it out.

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It’s time to renew your AZ-220 certification

A few years ago, I was certified for the AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer specialty certification.

This is a certificate that proves your understanding of Azure IoT.

Normally, Microsoft (Azure) certificates expire after a few years and you have to take the exam again.

This is one of the first certification programs that offer a free renewal using an online assessment:

I got an email six months prior to the initial expiration. Next to that, after three months this is repeated. If you still do not take the exam, you get a warning one month before the expiration date.

I finally found some time to take the assessment. Here is my finding on how to train for this ‘exam’.

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