How to fix your StreamAnalytics metrics monitoring

Today it became clear to me that I was missing something…

Every time I created a new StreamAnalytics job, and data arrived, I was staring at this monitoring windows saying: “No available data”:



Today I finally decided to check this out. And I found out it’s a simple thing to fix. And it can be a real asset.

If you click on the windows, a Metrics panel is opened:


It seems there is a possibility to add alerts, nice! But there is still no data shown. So I checked out the diagnostics settings:


And there the problem was shown. Diagnostics are saved in a storage account. For some reason account “coldstorage42” was selected:
But that’s wrong. There is no storage named “coldstorage42”: in my account:
I do not know why this name is chosen. I have created some storage in the past using this name but it is deleted afterward.
The solution is simple. I selected another storage account and that did the trick:
Note: It can take up to twenty minutes before metrics arrive, actually. After that, updates are shown semi-live, expect a two-minute delay.
The chart can show metric which reflect the event from the last hour or of a certain time interval:
 And there are more values to be shown. I recommend if you are using Azure Machine Learning functions, to activate the values related to AML.
Note: for some reason the “SU % utilization” and “Input event Bytes” are grayed out.
One more thing…
Remember the alerts? It’s possible to automatically respond to anomalies:
This can be done using email messages or webhooks.
So in the end, just create an extra Azure Storage, refer to it in the diagnostics panel and you are good to go!