Getting started with Azure Command Line Interface 2.0 (CLI)

Adding new Azure resources to your subscription can be done multiple ways. The most common way, of course, is adding resources by hand in the Azure Portal. But this is error prone and tedious. To manage your azure resources in a professional way, you need ‘better’ tooling.

A viable solution is making use of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. This is very popular but it has a certain learning curve.

And it’s also possible to make use of Azure integration of power shell. Again, there is a certain learning curve.

Let’s look at another solution, the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI). What if you could manipulate resources using the command line in a dos box? What if you could add a resource group like this, in one line:

az group create -n cli-rg -l westeurope

This looks easy, doesn’t it?

The CLI is quite new, and it’s available on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.). It’s built on top of Python so you have to install that tool first.

Let’s make this happen. Let’s install and run the CLI. In this example, I use a Windows machine but there are installation guides for other operating systems available too.

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