It’s time to renew your AZ-220 certification

A few years ago, I was certified for the AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer specialty certification.

This is a certificate that proves your understanding of Azure IoT.

Normally, Microsoft (Azure) certificates expire after a few years and you have to take the exam again.

This is one of the first certification programs that offer a free renewal using an online assessment:

I got an email six months prior to the initial expiration. Next to that, after three months this is repeated. If you still do not take the exam, you get a warning one month before the expiration date.

I finally found some time to take the assessment. Here is my finding on how to train for this ‘exam’.

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Free Microsoft AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty renewal

If you are working with Azure IoT on a daily bases, it’s recommended to get certified for it.

Microsoft offers this AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty exam and certification program just for that.

If you are new to this AZ-220 exam, please check out this blog post first with information about how to get started with the program.

This exam is valid for three years once you passed it.

I took it already a few years ago. Recently, I got this email saying my exam is expiring so I am granted an extra year once I pass a free exam on MS Learn:

Let’s check out how this works.

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Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer specialty AZ 220

Everybody working with technology from Microsoft knows about their certification programs.

These exams have a solid value during your IT career and can even be a prerequisite to get a certain job.

Microsoft recently introduced the new Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer specialty exam, AZ-220. It is brand new, the first batch of a few hundred developers just got their results.

Let’s check out how you can pass.

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Learn all about Azure IoT, the easy way

whether you are a beginner willing to learn about Azure IoT or you are interested in the broader application of Azure IoT, Microsoft offers everything you need.

Master core concepts at your speed and on your schedule. Whether you’ve got 15 minutes or an hour, you can develop practical skills through interactive modules and paths.

With the new Microsoft Learn portal, Microsoft offers:

  1. Learning paths, learn on your own schedule
  2. Certification, become Microsoft certified
  3. Documentation, get the details

And on top of that, also code samples and Q&A are offered.

Let’s check out what is offered for learning Azure IoT.

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