Share and integrate PowerBI reports in websites

I use PowerBi a lot for simple test and pocs. I get up to speed with ease regarding the reports and charts I want to show.

But what about sharing these reports with others, how can others get access to my charts? And can I integrate these charts in a regular site?

Let’s look at the current possibilities at report level and at dashboard level.

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PowerBI knows how to map devices in a chart

PowerBI is my favorite tool for simple visualizations of telemetry. It’s pretty easy, fast and it integrates so well with StreamAnalytics.

Next to a lot of chart types, it also supports maps. There are actually two kinds op maps:

  1. Map (Location, Legend, Latitude, Longitude, Size, Color Saturation, Tooltips)
  2. Filled Map (Location, Legend, Latitude, Longitude, Color Saturation, Tooltips)

The first chart shows a map with devices represented as circles, big and small ones, depending on a value passed. The second one is more into coloring parts on the map: a state, a country, a city.

The first map supports using latitude/longitude or showing the location using geocoding (passing a Location like ‘Eindhoven’). The second chart only supports geocoding.

In this blog, we will pass a latitude and longitude.

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PowerBI showing telemetry of past ten minutes, always!

PowerBI in the browser is an easy and fast reporting service which is a great addition to Azure IoT. In just minutes you can build charts and dashboards.

I demonstrated this in part 3 of this series of blogs about implementing IoT in Azure.

But I was missing the ‘sliding behaviour’, the charts I created showed all telemetry. And with all I mean from the very first telemetry passed to the latest one.

In this blog, I will show you how to tweak the dashboard a little bit to get that real-time behaviour of showing only the data of the past hour, day or 10 minutes.

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