How to cope in code with the quota limitation of an IoT Hub

In a previous blog, I showed how to make use of the Azure IoT Device SDK to send data to an Azure IoT Hub.

It is very simple to start with azure IoT making use of those SDKs using either C#, Embedded C, C, Java, NodeJS, Python, or ioS.

The only thing you have to take into account is the IoT Hub message quotas.

An S1 version is capable of receiving 400.000 D2C messages a day of size 4KB, the free tier F1 supports 8000 messages of size 0.5 KB.

Sending C2D messages and Device provisioning is also part of this amount.

Let’s take a further look at this limitation.

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Azure IoT DeviceClient SDK demonstration, the basics

The cloud gateway of Azure IoT offers multiple protocols to connect to:

Programming all D2C and C2D communication yourself is pretty hard. Microsoft has made it easy to communicate by providing SDKs, both for device communication and IoT Hub manipulation.

In this blog, we dive into what is offered by the Device SDKs.

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