Azure IoT Community, unified edge event with Microsoft Nederland

Finally, after more than two years of absence due to the global pandemic, the Dutch Azure IoT Community is offering another event related to Azure IoT Topics.

This time, our location sponsor is Microsoft and the event is hosted at their HQ in The Netherlands, near Schiphol.

The Microsoft Technology Center is hosting a Hybrid Computing Event with the Azure IoT Community focusing on Edge and IoT.

We have 25 physical spots available and of course, people are welcome online after registration.

What topics to expect?

Integration IoT helps you work smarter and better.

Get a real-time look into how your systems function and support your workforce with insights.

With Microsoft Azure, take the next step towards democratizing your analytics.

We will share a broad Hybrid Edge to Cloud Strategy focusing on Industry Alignment, Hardware as a Service, Democratized IoT Platform, Unified Security, and Unified Management Plane.


The event is scheduled for February 9th at the Microsoft Office in Amsterdam between 16.00 and 20.00 CET.

The following sessions are planned:

1. Microsoft Azure IT-OT strategy and value (30 min)

2. Azure Control Plane: ARM, Arc, and GitHub for IT/OT (30 min)

3. Azure Orchestration Plane: Azure Kubernetes Services on Windows and HCI (30 min)

4. How Windows IoT is creating value to the Microsoft Azure Strategy (15 min)

Dinner Break (45 mins)

5. Azure Distributed MQTT Broker (Project E4K) (30 mins)

6. Azure Cybersecurity Plane: Defender for IoT as end-to-end security enabler (15 mins)

7. Open discussion (15 mins)

All sessions are in English.

The Azure IoT Community thanks Microsoft for all presenters they provide.


Registration is free.

Check out this link for the latest information about the event and registration.


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