Flex your Big Data detective skills with the Kusto detective agency challenge

Flex your Big Data detective skills with multiple cases of the Kusto detective agency challenge.

Solve puzzles using the Kusto Query language and earn awards.

Are you interested?

All you need to do is create a free Azure Data Explorer cluster, download predefined datasets and answer certain questions by querying that set and filling in the answer in the portal.

If the answer is right, you will earn awards.

To create a free Kusto cluster all you need is either a Microsoft account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity. Create your cluster here: https://aka.ms/kustofree

You can get up to three hints if you need some support.

What are the rules of the game?

  • – There are a total of five cases to solve.
  • – Cases are released every two weeks, on Sundays
  • – There are a limited number of prizes for those who solve the case first, BUT
  • – A digital badge is given to every player who correctly solves a case
  • – All previous cases will remain active for play even after the new cases are published

How do you get help?

If you get stuck, click on a social network button to get a hint. We think it’s more fun to share your progress and ask for help, but you’ll get a hint even if you don’t actually share.

How to provide feedback?

Hello detective,

Welcome to our ranks. Hope you find the Kusto Detective portal working well. Feel free to provide us any feedback you have so we can enhance our systems even further.

Send your feedback here (by email)


This is a fun way to learn about Azure Data Explorer and the Kusto query language.

Try it out together with friends and colleagues!

Update: I already finished the first three challenges:

If you are one of the first to solve the challenges, also free gifts could be presented to you 🙂


I was able to finish the complete 2022 challenge:

In 2023, a new challenge could cross our path…

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