It’s time to renew your AZ-220 certification

A few years ago, I was certified for the AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer specialty certification.

This is a certificate that proves your understanding of Azure IoT.

Normally, Microsoft (Azure) certificates expire after a few years and you have to take the exam again.

This is one of the first certification programs that offer a free renewal using an online assessment:

I got an email six months prior to the initial expiration. Next to that, after three months this is repeated. If you still do not take the exam, you get a warning one month before the expiration date.

I finally found some time to take the assessment. Here is my finding on how to train for this ‘exam’.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post will not hint at any questions and answers. I only share how to get ready for this exam.

When you receive the email, there is a link to a page with detail information:

  1. you need to create an MS Learn account based on the same email address as used for the exam. If you already have an account based on another email address, proceed to the next step
  2. You need to connect your certification account to the MS Learn account. Go to the profile page:

Once connected, you will get a link to the renewal assessment.


You will not be assessed on the complete Azure IoT knowledge area.

Only new topics are tested. Currently, this is Azure Digital Twins.

The good part is that Microsoft provides a list of MS Learn modules that will help you to get on par with the new topics:

There are three modules shown. It will take you a couple of hours to train, including a complete workshop/hands-on lab where you will set up an Azure Digital Twins environment.

These modules are part of the Azure Digital Twins learning path:

I recommend following the full learning path.

The hands-on lab will be offered with some free Azure resources. Actually, this is the development VM only:

The lab also shows this message regarding providing your own subscription:

You need to create resources in your own subscription

Next to that, it is a smart thing to check out the official Azure Digital Twins documentation.

Note: You can even download the complete section as PDF for offline reading.

One of the exam questions triggered me to check that documentation because I could not remember reading about it in any of the training modules…


The assessment itself will take 45 minutes or so. I had to answer 25 questions.

Right after answering the questions, I got the outcome:

My certification is now renewed for one year.

In case you failed to answer enough questions in a positive way, you can restart it right away.

Actually, you can restart it as many times as needed.

Notice, that there is a 24 hours delay after failing the assessment for the second time.

If you have passed the exam, you get a simple performance indication and overall result.

You will not be shown the correct answers.


I love this new way of assessing my knowledge.

I can do this in my own time, I can retry it for as many times as needed and I get a proper warning in time about the possible expiration of the certification.

I hope this will be repeated again next year with new Azure IoT topics.