Free Microsoft AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty renewal

If you are working with Azure IoT on a daily bases, it’s recommended to get certified for it.

Microsoft offers this AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer Specialty exam and certification program just for that.

If you are new to this AZ-220 exam, please check out this blog post first with information about how to get started with the program.

This exam is valid for three years once you passed it.

I took it already a few years ago. Recently, I got this email saying my exam is expiring so I am granted an extra year once I pass a free exam on MS Learn:

Let’s check out how this works.

Disclaimer: This blog post shows you how the exam procedure works. Do not expect any sample questions or answers disclosed here. This is prohibited by an NDA.

This email will be sent to you six months in advance of the expiration. And, did I mention already it is free? And, you can try it as many times as you like?

The renewal is offered as part of the MS Learn portal experience.

So, log in to the MS Learn portal with the same account you use for the certification portal.

If you have another MS LEarn profile already (using another email address), you can connect your certification profile to it using the Settings menu:

Once you are in by following the link in the email, you get this message:

From there, you see information about the certification exam.

The exam will take only 45 minutes, it is free, and you can do it at home.

This time is much shorter than the original exam because only new, recent, topics are measured.

On the same page, I see which new topics are measured:

So it seems Azure Digital Twins will be covered:

  • Examine the components of an Azure Digital Twins solution
  • Examine the Azure Digital Twins solution development tools and processes
  • Explore Azure Digital Twins implementation

If you work a lot with Azure Digital Twins, you are lucky. If not, MS Learn has you covered.

Scroll down and see that multiple learning modules are offered, again for free:

These modules are part of this ADT learning path. That last module is actually a hands-on lab. This will take you approximately four hours to complete.

I recommend checking these modules out before starting the exam!

Also, notice the NDA message which leads to this page. Microsoft does not want you to disclose exam questions and answers. Please keep this exam content confidential, only this way the exam keeps its value for future IoT Developers:

Once you are confident you know enough, press that button and ‘Take the renewal assignment’.

This will take you to the first question:

Note: don’t worry, it’s just a question format example, not an actual question. We do not want to ruin the experience of other contenders 🙂

The number of questions will differ according to the availability of new topics and complexity.

Good luck!

In case, you do not pass the exam, no worries! You can take the exam as many times as you like until you reach the expiration date. Microsoft will cool you down if you take it too many times on the same day. In that case, expect a 24 hours delay.


So, there you go.

If you want to get more in-depth information, check out this FAQ which also shows an introduction video.

If you want to learn more about Azure IoT using the MS Learn learning paths, I made this full collection which will keep you busy for a couple of days.

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