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Monday, November 4th

9:00 AMVision Keynote with Satya Nadella

11:00 AM – Tech Keynotes

Tuesday, November 5th

9:00 AMApp development for everyone with Scott Hanselman and friends

Wednesday, November 6th

5:15 PMInnovation Keynote with Mitra Azizirad

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This is the IoT subset, 38 sessions and workshops! Not all will be available on video afterwards but I will try to add links when available. I added the day of the presentation in the title…

UNC1033 – IoT loves Azure Functions! What is your experience with serverless and IoT? (Wednesday)

SpeakersJorge Maia; CrazyTechLabs, Armando Lacerda; MC Tech

Serverless and IoT is a great combination, but depending on the architecture used it can be still better. What is your opinion about that? Best practices and approaches to use serverless on IoT projects is the main idea of this session, but in a collaborative way. Azure Functions on the edge or in the cloud? Logic Apps can save time and make some workflows easy to implement. IoT Edge Module to Azure Functions can save you live on the field. If you agree or not, come to this meetup and share your experience or opinion about that and much more!

WRK1006 – Connected Field Service and IoT Central (Tuesday)

Join us for a guided hands on with IoT Central. You’ll learn how to provisions an IoT environment; create measurements, telemetry and rules to manage IoT devices within IoT Central; and use tools like Microsoft Flow to register devices with past communications with IoT Central and Microsoft Dynamics Field Service.

UNC1005 – Software update for IoT devices: Best practices (Monday)

Speaker : Mihail Mateev; EPAM Systems

Software update is one the most critical and sensitive parts of the modern large scale IoT solutions. For Internet of Things we need to solve different cases, related to the firmware and business applications updates. We need to have a reliable repository, but also need to have fleet management and campaign concept. Modern IoT applications can be based on software packages, but also can be containerized business applications. This talk is about the real-life cases and best practices when needing to design and implement device software like general concepts and specific implementations using Microsoft Azure.

THR2188 – IoT, AI, and Digital Twins (Thursday) – video available

Speaker : Justin Jackson; Valorem Reply

In this session, we discuss real-world cases where emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Digital Twins are bringing transformational changes to modern business operations. We explore how device telemetry, when combined with AI, can make powerful forecasts and analysis for operational efficiency, bottom line impact, and transformational outcomes. We also discuss Digital Twins and innovative ways to visualize data to increase access to real-time information across your organization despite geographic barriers.

THR2254 – Integrate devices to your solution quickly with IoT Plug and Play (Wednesday) – video available

Speaker : Tanmay Bhagwat; Microsoft

Learn how IoT Plug and Play enables faster development of IoT solutions through the use of device models and Certified for Azure IoT devices. With IoT Plug and Play, solution builders can explore a range of Azure IoT Certified Plug and Play devices; pick the devices that best fit their solution needs and build a production grade solution within days without having to write a single line of embedded code, drastically cutting down the time to market and costs.

BRK2228 – In pursuit of the perfect pour: How Starbucks tackled IoT at scale (Wednesday) – video available

SpeakersGalen Hunt; Microsoft, Jeff Wile; Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks is transforming its business with digital technology to improve their customer experience, realize operational efficiency, and drive cost savings. Learn about the vision behind this effort and how Starbucks applied the principles of adaptability, reliability, security, and scalability to deliver success through their ambitious transformation. Join Jeff Wile, Starbucks SVP of Retail and Infrastructure Technologies, and Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director of Microsoft Azure Sphere, for a conversation about IoT implementation and how Starbucks is confidently connecting their essential coffee equipment in stores around the globe through their partnership with Azure Sphere.

THR2074 – Leading IoT edge: Smart buildings use case (Wednesday) – video available

Speaker : Jorge Maia; CrazyTechLabs

Many examples of IoT presents a single sensor or a couple of them and a chart with their data. In this session, see how an electrical engineering company developed the digital transformation in several buildings and how we refactor the project to use only Azure Environment with Azure IoT Edge, Time Series Insights, and Azure Digital Twins, reducing energy waste and enhancing the user experience. The main idea behind the scenes on this project was automation with authorization systems, and tracking the energy utilization by floors and sectors. After some months, the data extracted from the application promotes some insights about the meeting rooms, illumination of individual suites and common halls.

UNC1025 – Why IoT projects fail (Thursday)

SpeakersJorge Maia; CrazyTechLabs, Armando Lacerda; MC Tech

Are you developing an IoT project? Come to this meetup to discuss challenges, problems, costs, and much more. The main idea on this user session is to discuss how we can archive more with Microsoft environment for the Internet of Things projects.

THR2011 – Building a connected summer cabin using Azure IoT Hub and AI (Tuesday – Video available)

Speaker : Jussi Roine; Make IT Right

In this session, learn how to use Azure IoT Hub and Azure AI capabilities to connect, monitor, and modernize a summer cabin by the lake. Using affordable hardware and LTE connectivity, the session provides an end-to-end showcase on designing, implementing, and managing a modern IoT solution using Azure.

BRK1088 – Driving growth and transformation with Microsoft IoT (Tuesday – video available)

SpeakersChris Cutshaw; CH Robinson, Jordan Kass; CH Robinson

Come see our industry-leading IoT portfolio and learn where it’s headed in the next several years! IoT is going mainstream at enterprises around the world as IT pros, developers, and business leaders cooperate to improve operations and build better customer experiences. To support you in your journey, Microsoft has committed $5 billion to build IoT tools that bring seamless, secure, and smart IoT to businesses in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more. In this session, discover the latest innovations in IoT Central, learn how to bring cloud intelligence to edge and hybrid environments, and see new approaches to IoT that keep your workloads safe from threats. Learn where IoT is going next and see what you need to get up and running with IoT quickly.

THR2248 – Get beyond POC – Build your custom IoT solution with Azure IoT Central (Monday – video available)

Speaker : Aditi Dugar; Microsoft

Azure IoT Central is a hosted IoT app platform that is secure, scales with you as your business grows, ensures your investments are repeatable, and integrates with your existing business apps. Proof of concept isn’t your endgame. We’ll help you build industry-leading solutions. Come learn more about our app platform and see how new industry app templates can get you started building in minutes.

THR2238 – AI at the edge: Using Azure IoT Edge to remove latency, cost, and privacy roadblocks to IoT deployments (Tuesday) – video available

Speaker : Chipalo Street; Microsoft

Analytics drives business value in IoT solutions, but not all analytics need to be in the cloud.  Azure IoT Edge brings the analytical power of the cloud to your on-premises devices to drive better business insights and enable offline decision making. Learn how distribution centers are being revolutionized by AI running on the edge through a partnership between Microsoft, Avarto, Lonovo, and NVIDIA.

THR2229 – Simplified convergence with scalable edge to cloud IoT infrastructure (Tuesday)

Industrial IoT data at the edge is the key to making manufacturing sites smarter, faster, and more cost-effective. But scaling from proof-of-concept to production is a challenge for even the most willing manufacturer. Creating a smart factory means converging information technology and operational technology systems in industrial-grade infrastructure. Edge computing is where these two worlds meet, helping manufacturers deploy and scale IoT solutions effectively. Through collaboration, IT and OT teams can ensure their solution is scalable, secure, and manageable. Join this session to learn how HPE can help you make the promise of scalable edge-to-cloud compute and IoT solutions a reality.

BRK3281 – IoT for enterprise developers and IT professionals (Thursday – video available)

SpeakersArjmand Samuel; Microsoft, Olivier Bloch; Microsoft

You can learn all about cutting edge IoT approaches in our Vision and Roadmap session [link to vision and roadmap], but Azure IoT has plenty of released and proven tech that’s ready for developers and IT pros and enterprise developers to deploy today. This session will demonstrate the tools available to you today to build and deploy secure IoT apps and solutions. With a heavy focus on demos over slides, you’ll learn how to deploy and manage IoT solutions in the enterprise. We’ll focus on getting started quickly and proving your project’s value, connecting devices to IoT Central with Plug and Play, securing IoT solutions from devices to Cloud with Azure Sphere and Azure Security Center for IoT, and using your existing data skills to understand your data. Beyond the implementation demos, this session will also provide an expert perspective on the best practices for IoT security as unlike traditional IT managed software, enterprise IoT deployments bridge the digital and physical worlds with significant physical assets, and the connected products or operational equipment used in IoT must always stay reliable and safe for customers, employees, and the public. From building and deploying secure hardware to safely provisioning devices at scale, and building end-to-end security into your IoT solution with products and security tools for Windows IoT, Azure IoT, and Azure Sphere we will touch on all aspects of a secure IoT solution.

THR3146 – Time Series Insights: End-to-end analytics for IoT workloads (Monday – video available)

Speaker : Chandrika Shankarnarayan; Microsoft

Across the broad range of industrial IoT market, cloud-native solutions for comprehensive analytics targeted at large-scale IoT data are evolving. Azure Time Series Insights addresses this by providing a turnkey, end-to-end IoT analytics solution with rich semantic modeling for contextualization of time series data, asset-based insights and best-in-class user experience for discovery, trending, anomaly detection, and operational intelligence. In this session, we go over the strategy and in-depth demos to showcase how Time Series Insights provides a flexible analytics platform with seamless integration across Azure including IoT Plug-and-Play for model-based operational analytics, advanced calculations, forecasting, and anomaly detection.

PRE11 – Get hands-on experience how to build modern IoT applications with Azure IoT (Sunday)

SpeakersBenjamin Cabé; Microsoft, Azure IoT, Paul DeCarlo; Microsoft, Danilo Diaz; Microsoft

Join the IoT pre-day to get hands-on experience how to build modern IoT applications for enterprise. During this session, learn how to connect IoT devices to the cloud, get insights from data, and take specific actions that will help your enterprise. The session is led by Microsoft engineers building Azure IoT products, who cover the latest Azure IoT innovations and portfolio. Join us to learn how to leverage your existing developer skills and preferred language to create modern IoT applications. Sign up for a chance to win a Surface Laptop! Add this Pre-Day Workshop to your registration for $500. Visit the Microsoft Ignite registration website and sign in to your registration record to select your Pre-Day Workshop!

THR2291 – Bring IT security practices to IoT: How to stop threats and improve security posture (Wednesday – video available)

More and more business leaders are investing in IoT every year, but attacks against IoT deployments can decrease or erase the ROI of your IoT solution at risk – in fact, security is the top concern for companies adopting IoT. This session shows how IT and security pros can protect against attacks with Azure Security Center for IoT. We show how easy it is for IT and security pros to add support for IoT workloads to existing security practices with a single pane of glass view that shows all of your cloud, hybrid, and IoT solutions.

BRK3191 / 2383 – End to end security for IoT (Thursday – video available)

Speaker : Eti Fakiri; Microsoft

Discover how you can implement end to end security for your IoT solution: from your devices to edge and to IoT Hub. Monitor the health of your IoT devices in near real time and block compromised devices with Azure IoT Hub. Find and eliminate threats and manage your security posture including IoT with Azure Security Center.

WRK3031 – GPU accelerated IoT workloads at the edge (Friday)

SpeakersBenjamin Cabé; Microsoft, Azure IoT, Paul DeCarlo; Microsoft

In this session/workshop, we look at how to leverage GPU accelerated IoT Edge workloads on NVIDIA Jetson devices. These small form-factor IoT devices come equipped with an onboard GPU to enable complex video, machine learning, and AI powered solutions. We show how we can build out containerized software packages as modules for these devices using Azure IoT Edge to produce configurations that can be deployed from Microsoft Azure to devices in the field using tooling in Visual Studio Code. This culminates with an intelligent edge hands-on lab that walks through the process of deploying an IoT Edge module to an NVIDA Jetson Nano device to allow for detection of objects in YouTube videos, RTSP streams, HoloLens Mixed Reality Capture, or an attached web cam. Attendees leave with the ability to develop and deploy intelligent video applications backed by Microsoft Azure IoT services to real-world devices.

THR2020 – Deploying ML models to IoT Edge devices (Tuesday – video available)

SpeakersManash Goswami; Microsoft, Alexandra Solomon; Microsoft

The rate of innovation in hardware for the intelligent edge has led to challenges in building AI enabled applications and services. This session shows you how to efficiently build and deploy machine learning solutions for the vastly complex ecosystem of hybrid and disconnected architectures. See real-world applications and learn how to apply these patterns to your own solutions.

WRK3025 – Getting started with highly secure IoT devices with Azure Sphere (Monday)

SpeakersMike Hall; Microsoft, James Scott; Microsoft

Learn how to start developing highly secure devices with Azure Sphere. In this hands-on experience, we demonstrate how to kick off an Azure Sphere project from scratch to build exciting new experiences for your customers, or how to retrofit your existing devices with Azure Sphere for the highest levels of device security.

BRK2025 – The power of the new Microsoft Project and Microsoft 365 (Wednesday – video available)

SpeakersGeorge Bullock; Microsoft Corp., Chris Boyd; Microsoft

Come learn how the new Project fits within the bigger picture of Microsoft 365. In this session, we walk through an end-to-end scenario of a project from ideation to closure. Through this jouney, we demonstrate how AI, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and IoT combined with the new Project experience can change the way your teams work.

THR2199 – Better together: Microsoft 365 Threat Protection and the Azure Sentinel SIEM (Tuesday – video available)

Speaker : Raviv Tamir; Microsoft

The digital estate has grown into a complicated constellation of identities, applications, data, virtual machines, endpoints, and IoT devices. Microsoft’s cloud-based Microsoft 365 Threat Protection connects the dots across these many vectors to deliver rich and actionable insights that strengthen your organizational security. But, of course, protecting your enterprise means more than protecting your Microsoft assets—you need to protect every asset. That’s why we’ve introduced a new cloud-native SIEM + SOAR solution called Microsoft Azure Sentinel—providing intelligent security analytics at cloud scale for your entire enterprise. Come see how these two powerhouse solutions are working together to deliver the best in modern cybersecurity.

THR3047 – Making an Azure connected greenhouse in less than US$100! (Wednesday – video available )

Speaker : Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen; CTGlobal A/S

Join me as I tell the story about how I connected my backyard greenhouse to azure. Besides metrics, this includes automated watering and much more. Learn how Azure is a great platform for IoT projects like this. We touch on multiple services such as Log Analytics and Azure Functions combined with simple code in PowerShell Core. And what about Docker?! Who would use that in their 4m2 greenhouse?! Me!

THR1004 – A real-world smart city: How Richmond VA is transforming citizen services (Monday – video available)

Speaker : John Peluso; AvePoint Public Sector Inc.

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia with a population of 225,000. They have a rich history of progressive technology adoption. The expectations citizens have placed on their local governments have risen dramatically in the digital era as customer service technologies have made rapid advancements. Facing plunging levels of trust, agencies across the world must become more transparent and accountable while also achieving enlarged mission scopes with reduced budgets. This session reviews how the RVA311 application leverages advanced machine learning and IoT Microsoft technologies to handle the most common of municipal challenges such as abandoned vehicles, missing manhole covers, or unruly tree branches.

DYNA30 – Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service: Establish a proactive service organization (Tuesday – video available)

In this session, you will learn how to deploy, configure, and connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service, provide actionable insights by integrating Insights applications, enable and support an omnichannel engagement strategy, leverage BoT and IoT to streamline case/ticket remediation, and gain an understanding of how you can enable mixed reality solutions in support of your field engineers productivity.

THR3004 – Automate everything: Bring self-service to LEGO robots (Monday – video available)

Speaker : Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen; CTGlobal A/S

The LEGO Robot – Mr. Brick is back! You might know him from conferences such as Microsoft TechEd 2014 and Ignite 2016. Learn how to build a self-service portal for Mr. Brick from scratch! (Tip: Can be used for other types of self-service offerings). The job is easily done using modern services like Azure Automation, Azure IoT Hub, SharePoint/PowerApps and Microsoft Flow/Logic Apps.

THR3121 – Building your own deployer machine (Friday – video available)

SpeakersMartin Woodward; Microsoft, Gopinath Chigakkagari; Microsoft

Martin Woodward explains how to build Das Deployer, a cool Raspberry Pi-powered device for approving releases in a fun way that will encourage your team to move to full automated deployments. He explains how to talk with Azure Pipelines using the APIs and how to build your own fun IoT devices to bring your DevOps processes to life in the office.

BRK2006 – SQL Server from ground to the cloud (Tuesday -video available)

SpeakersAsad Khan; Microsoft, Edilson Albuquerque; Itau-Unibanco

SQL Server is the world’s leading operational database. Today 98 of the Fortune 100 companies use it to power their mission critical applications across all verticals. In this one session we show why so many enterprises bet their business on SQL Server . We start by showing the latest features in SQL Server 2019, including an introduction to the analytics features in SQL big data clusters. Cloud is the next frontier for most enterprises and Azure SQL is the leader when it comes to market share and richness of feature set. Microsoft has reinvented database scale for the cloud; SQL Hyperscale offers limitless database, global distribution running on thousands of cores. We introduce Azure SQL Database serverless, which can save enterprises 5X their database spend by delivering a true pay-as-you-use model. We also show how SQL Server running on edge devices is enabling new types of IoT applications by moving 70% of computation to the edge.

BRK2206 – Connected field service and the Internet of Things (Wednesday – video available )

Speaker : Kyle Young; Microsoft

Learn how to set up and maintain a truly connected field service organization leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Azure IOT Hub. Gain the knowledge required to leverage IoT in Field Service, and how to do it correctly across device commands, device monitoring, inventory device tracking

BRK1093 – What’s missing from cloud security? How cyber AI can help. Part 1? (Friday – video available)

Speaker : Eloy Avila; Darktrace

Cloud security, whether native or third party, is not where it needs to be. But that’s rapidly changing. Armed with a unified Cyber AI platform, organizations can now defend their cloud, email, IoT, and network from advanced attacks without relying on agents, rules, or signatures. Companies of all sizes and industries – including the City of Las Vegas, international technology company Aptean, and leading insurance company Prudential – are using cyber AI to safeguard their most critical data, no matter where it resides. This session explores what’s often missing in cloud security — enterprise-wide context, real-time container visibility, cross-cloud security — and how Cyber AI is transforming cloud security for companies around the world.

BRK2309 – Cloud application patterns (Wednesday/Friday)

Speaker : David Coppet; Microsoft

Join us for a small-group working session to explore architectures and cloud application patterns with Azure Services. We look at scenarios that cover common needs including IaaS, serverless, AI, IoT Edge+Data Ingestion and more.

BRK1063 – Modernize your Dynamics 365 business applications using mixed reality (Tuesday – video available)

SpeakersAnna Waight; Microsoft, Robert Copelan; ZF North America, Inc.

Advance your business applications and improve process workflows by blending the physical and digital with mixed reality. In this session, learn about how mixed reality solutions such as the Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Guides, Layout, and Product Visualize evolve how firstline workers interact with the people, places, and things most important to them and your business. See how using holograms and IoT sensors to recognize physical environments can empower your business to be more intelligent, efficient, and effective. Modernize your Dynamics 365 and business application ecosystems by infusing the power of Microsoft mixed reality solutions.

THR3057 – Smart cities: Augmenting humanity with intelligent cloud + edge (Thursday – video available )

Speaker : Janaka Rangama; Dell Technologies

This session explores how Microsoft Cloud services can help transform analytics data into intelligent information. Throughout this session, explore building a smart city solution with Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Spark, and related services.

THR3152 – Streamlined deployment of specialized devices (Thursday – video available )

Speaker : Dave Randall; Microsoft

Simplify your configuration and deployment of signs, kiosks, Microsoft HoloLens, Windows IoT, and more. Configuring all that’s necessary for specialized devices can be daunting. See how the Microsoft Intune team recommends you make it simple and repeatable.

BRK3016 – Building event driven apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions (Wednesday – video available )

Speaker : Tim Sander; Microsoft

Users expect modern apps to offer event-driven, real-time experiences. In this demo-packed session, learn how to build event-driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. Learn how to subscribe to changes in Azure Cosmos DB collections and trigger logic in real time without needing to manage any servers. Understand real-world use cases in multi-billion dollar industries, ranging from retail, IoT, gaming, and more.

BRK2066 – Grab Taxi and Bentley Systems: Leveraging real-time insights offered by Azure Stream Analytics for business innovation – video available

Speakers: Krishna Mamidipaka; Microsoft, Jean-Sebastian Brunner, Marcus Kellermann; Bentley Systems, Emma An; Microsoft, Ainun Najib; GrabMoreLearn how Grab Taxi and Bentley Systems are innovating with real-time insights offered by Azure Stream Analytics. Scenarios that leverage real-time analytics to deliver superior business outcomes continue to grow across every industry. Real-time customer insights, remote patient monitoring, predictive maintenance, fleet management, fraud detection, high frequency trading are just a few. In this session, we show how you can leverage a variety of services in Azure and easily build secure, scalable, and repeatable real-time analytics patterns that span from cloud to the intelligent edge. We showcase new features rolling out the week of Microsoft Ignite, and provide a glimpse into our roadmap.

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