New IoT community in The Nederlands, focussed on Microsoft IoT Stack

Just last week, Sander van de Velde, Jan Willem Groenenberg and Remco Ploeg have started a new community.

We named our community:

Our goal is to bring people together, people who are working with IoT technology on the Microsoft IoT Stack.

Microsoft is targeting IotT in numerous ways, from Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, the Azure IoT Platform, Development kits, Certified devices, IoT suites, Edge support, Reference Architecture, Open Source projects, e-learning, etc.

If you are interested in one or more of these areas, this community is the place to be!

Our first meeting is planned for November 2, 2017

The agenda for that evening is:

17.30: Inloop en eten

18.30: Visie van Microsoft op IoT- door Valery Jacobs van Microsoft

19.00: IoT netwerken – door  Jan Willem Smeenk van Sodaq

19.30: Azure IoT Edge – door Sander van de Velde, Jan Willem Groenenberg en Remco Ploeg (Atos & Winvision)

20.15 Borrel

You and your colleagues and friends are welcome to join us!

So check out our website and do not forget to register for this interesting evening!

See you at Nieuwegein on November 2, 2017

-Our events are sponsored by Atos and Winvision-