How to connect your RPi to the local internet using only your PC

Programming a Raspberry Pi using Windows 10 IoT Core is a lot of fun but it comes with some little issues.

The Pi is not running a full OS, like Raspbian. What the PI is running, is a full screen Windows 10 IoT Core UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application or one or more (IoT Core) background applications.

And the usual way to put your app on that PI is by deploying it using WiFi and Visual Studio 2015. That is, when you are programming and debugging.

In Visual Studio, in the project properties, you have to find the Pi on the same network as your PC/Laptop is connected to.

Windows 10 ICS - 5

So if you can attach your Pi to the local internet using a network cable, you are good to go.

But If you only have Wi-Fi, you are less fortunate. Windows 10 IoT Core supports only one WiFi dongle: the official dongle from the Pi foundation. For example, the popular Wi-Pi is not support (I can only use it in Raspbian).

What I use normally at home is the DLink 505. It has WiFi and a ethernet port and it can repeat the WiFi network on that port. So that makes my Pi very mobile indoors: Where ever there is a power plug I have a network connection and a USB port.

But it is very hard to get in running, the installation is slow and tedious. Trying to get in running outside my home (on networks with unknown passwords or landing pages) takes a lot of effort and time.

So there I use ICS which does almost the same. Your windows can share your WiFi internet using the ethernet port in your PC/Laptop

Windows 10 ICS - 4

Here the internet (1) arrives from your provider (2) at your network router (3). Your own PC (4) is connected and using ICS the device connected to the ethernet port (5) (your Pi) is also connected.

And this is easy to do.

Just go to the control panel and search for adapter. You will find the network connections…

Windows 10 ICS - 3

In there, multiple adapters will exist. Just look for two of them: the one which represents your WiFi connection and the one which represents the internal ethernet port…

Windows 10 ICS

Then go to the properties of the WiFi adapter, go to the Share page and check the top checkbox. A dropdown list will come available, select the ethernet port adapter…

Windows 10 ICS - 2

And you are done.

Connect your Pi and see an IP address will be provided.

As always, happy coding!